Universities with Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024

Scholarships are typically given mostly to students with good GPAs. This makes a lot of sense because excellent grades frequently signal tremendous potential and a commitment to hard work. What about students who have low GPAs, though? They are not only able to get athletic scholarships, though.

But you might be surprised to learn that for many top academicians, economists, researchers, and HR officials, a candidate’s high GPA score is never the only requirement for selection. This is because there are some very important factors that a high score or high GPA can never account for, such as research ability, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills. This conclusion was made in a study co-authored by James Heckman, a Nobel Prize winner.

This is why many highly regarded international universities do not use high GPAs or test scores as the sole criterion for admitting domestic and international students; rather, they instruct their admission offices to evaluate admission and scholarship applications using the applicant’s research proposal, study plan, prior accomplishments, research and patents, and a host of other similar criteria.

Similarly, a number of international universities offer admission into undergraduate, graduate, and teaching assistant (TA) programs to domestic and foreign students who do not have high test scores or high GPAs. These are Universities with Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024. This article is for all the students with low scores to apply for scholarships/admissions in these international universities.

What do you need to apply for admission?

To be considered for a teaching assistant position, you must have a GRE score of 320 or higher. For postgraduate admissions, you must have letters of recommendation, a research proposal, and a study schedule. For undergraduate admissions, you must have a letter of motivation and a personal statement. 

Major Scholarships:

Universities with Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024: There are scholarships available that can benefit students even if their GPAs aren’t very high. A few of these scholarships don’t even consider GPA.

  • American Intercontinental University Scholarships

There are now two campuses of American InterContinental University (AIU) in the US, one in Atlanta and the other in Houston. The institution is well known for welcoming new pupils with open arms. It is understandable that scholarships for students in this area may not need a high GPA.

  • Army ROTC Scholarships

You may be able to attend any of the many US universities thanks to these scholarships. This program includes more than a thousand universities as participants.

The requirements are simple:

Have U.S. citizenship

Must be at least 17 years old and younger than 31 when appointed.

The equivalent of a high school diploma

If you are a high school student applying, have a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.50.

Have SAT or ACT scores

Test your physical fitness with the Army today.

Fulfil the physical standards for height and weight

  • Ashford University Scholarships

The University of Arizona Global Campus is the organization’s new name. It’s an online university that the University of Arizona oversees. With more than 31,000 students, it is a well-known online institution. Even students with poor GPAs can apply for a number of scholarships, such as:

Grants for Entrepreneurship

NEU Fellowships

Scholarships for Senior Projects with FSBT

  • Colorado Technical University Scholarships for All

More than 23,000 undergraduates and roughly 2,700 graduate students attend Colorado Technical University, yet 92% of them are entirely online. It’s hardly unexpected that its scholarships are open to applicants with low GPAs given its 100% acceptance rate. Although there is a rather long list of requirements for grants and scholarships, none of them demand a high GPA.

  • Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation Scholarship

Undergraduate students who intend to study abroad are eligible for this award. One of the advantages is a $1,000 prize. Students with a 3.0 GPA who have earned the Girl Scout Silver or Gold Award are eligible for this.

Universities with Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024:

Universities with Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024: Now let’s take a closer look at all of those top-ranked international universities that are currently offering scholarship admissions to domestic and international students with lower GPA requirements than the rest of the international universities. Here scholarship page web links for all of these universities are mentioned in this list so you can easily explore scholarship options in these universities with lower GPA requirements for admission of batch 2024-2025:

Universities with Low GPA Requirements for Admission           Global Rankings 2022-2023

  1. Texas Tech University (TTU) 472
  2. University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina      115
  3. University of Minnesota 62
  4. George Mason University       137
  5. Arizona State University (High Ranked Institute)     121
  6. Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina          693
  7. Oregon State University         299
  8. University of Alabama            512
  9. New Mexico State University 263
  10. University of Tennessee          225
  11. University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York     286
  12. University of Ohio      684
  13. New Jersey Institute of Technology   826
  14. University of Texas at Dallas 349
  15. Syracuse University    372
  16. Wayne State University          385
  17. University of Illinois Chicago 250
  18. Oklahoma State University     633
  19. Iowa State University 263
  20. Stony Brook University          206
  21. University of Central Florida  413
  22. Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana      153
  23. University of Houston 432
  24. Auburn University      579
  25. Colorado State University      276
  26. Mississippi State University   920
  27. University of Arizona 108
  28. University of North Dakota    250
  29. Oregon State University         151
  30. University of South Florida    317
  31. University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri  452
  32. Kansas State University          507
  33. University of Colorado, Boulder        356
  34. North Carolina State University         230
  35. University of North Texas      679
  36. Michigan Technological University   779

These are some of the best Universities with Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024.


Many students who seek scholarships find it discouraging because of the criteria of a good GPA. This kind of regulation prevents many students from pursuing their dreams. However, it goes without saying that grades are not everything. When you closely examine the graduating class from ten years ago, you can simply see for yourself. Not everyone who has the greatest grades in the class goes on to have the most successful lives. With enough effort and commitment, you can make up for your poor GPA and still receive financial aid for your ongoing study. There are several Universities with Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024 that have more fair GPA requirements, and some awards don’t even consider GPA. Just take a look at each of the examples we provided to see if any of them apply to your situation. Try your best to apply for as many scholarships as you can; you never know.

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