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Top 3 International Scholarships Without IELTS – 2024 Batch

by Abeera Arshad
Top 3 International Scholarships Without IELTS

Top 3 International Scholarships Without IELTS – 2024 Batch, Let’s discuss some international scholarships for which the IELTS exam is not required. As you are probably aware, the IELTS exam is currently very expensive and challenging, so why not just avoid taking it and apply for international fully funded scholarships 2023 without the IELTS requirement instead?

How much does the Academic IELTS test cost?

This section, I believe, will persuade you to pay attention to this article because you might become discouraged about taking an IELTS exam after hearing its fee, which is actually between US$215 and US$310. I’m giving you this range because the cost of taking an IELTS exam varies depending on the country, but it always falls within this range.

Let’s look at your alternatives because you now know that taking the IELTS exam is expensive and that you can still be awarded a fully financed foreign scholarship for your next degree (BS, MS, or Ph.D.).

Japanese MEXT Scholarships (No IELTS)

This list begins with a scholarship offered by the Japanese government that is currently accepting online applications for all degree programs for international students in 2023.

The benefit of this scholarship is that it does not require IELTS testing, so those who apply for a fully funded MEXT scholarship in Japan can actually save money.

Chinese Government Scholarships at 270+ Chinese Universities (No IELTS Requirement)

I understand that reading the subheading about 270+ Chinese universities offering China government scholarships to international students interested in pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree programs without an IELTS requirement may astound you. However, you should also be aware that these Chinese Universities also offer highly-paying postdoc fellowships and job positions.

To take advantage of this, you do not need to take the IELTS exam if you can provide any IELTS alternative test report, such as the TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, CAE, etc. China is extremely famous for awarding scholarships to capture international talent, and I want you to take advantage of that.

You’ll be happy to learn that the international student offices of all these Chinese universities also recognize the English language competency exam that you can request from your previous college by declaring that the last degree you received was conferred in both English and Chinese. You can now apply for IELTS exempted China scholarships at the following universities:  Nanjing UniversityWuhan UniversityJiangsu universityZhejiang universityNingbo University, SJTU, Fudan universityXiamen universityNankai universityHunan universitySouchow university and Jilin University.

Malaysia International Scholarships (IELTS Not Required)

I hope you were able to find an IELTS-exempt, fully funded scholarship for your subject among the options I’ve provided above, but if you’re still having trouble finding something that works for you, check out this other Malaysian International Scholarship for international students. However, you’ll need to act quickly because the deadline for applications for this scholarship is May 17, 2023.

Additionally, I would like to point out that you are eligible to apply for this MIS Malaysia scholarship if you have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.0 in any of the following categories:

IT, forestry, arts and humanities, social sciences, medicine, engineering, pharmacy, construction, management, agriculture, journalism, economics, or business-related fields.

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