Switzerland Jobs 2023 by CERN for International Students and Fresh Graduates

Switzerland Jobs 2023 by CERN for International Students and Fresh Graduates, Would you believe me if I said that starting in 2023, you could work for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, and earn a monthly income of about CHF 3407? However, you must apply as soon as possible for this position because the deadline is quickly coming.

Sponsorship Funds of CERN Studentships

Let’s talk about the benefits you will receive if you are selected for the Swiss CERN studentship program, which will begin in October 2023. For this reason, I believe that adding the phrase “Work Experience Acquired at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland” to your resume or CV is the single most beneficial change you can make.

Along with that, you will receive a salary of roughly 3400 CHF per month for a period of four to twelve months, after tax deductions, sponsorship for your travel expenses, support for your dependent spouse or child, two to five days of paid leave per month, and a free health insurance policy.

Who may apply for student positions at CERN in Switzerland?

Switzerland Jobs 2023 by CERN for International Students and Fresh Graduates, If you are an international student studying full-time in a degree program in engineering and material sciences, physics, information technology, robotics, mathematics, or computer science, you may be qualified to apply for this well-paying student work opportunity in Switzerland.

Additionally, you must be enrolled full-time in one of the aforementioned degree programs or courses with a requirement from the school that your final year project be completed. Then you can benefit from this CERN studentship since it is intended to assist students in successfully completing their final year project work through hands-on training and supervision.

Make sure you are from a CERN-friendly country before deciding to apply for this paid Swiss studentship opportunity. You must also be in your final year of your bachelor’s or master’s degree program and have very high English or French language proficiency in order to be eligible to submit your application for CERN studentship.

How Can You Apply for Swiss CERN Studentships in 2023?

If you are considering applying for this Swiss studentship for the class of 2023, which will start in October of this year, I strongly advise you to gather all of your supporting documentation, including your diplomas, transcripts, resume, or CV, work experience letter from a recent internship, or a recommendation letter from a professor at the university where you are currently enrolled.

Once you have all of the documentation I have mentioned, the next step would be for you to fill out a free application for a studentship program at CERN. On that website, you can find the following recruitment programs for 2023:

  • Marie Curie Ph.D. Studentships in Administration
  • program for doctoral students
  • program for technical section students
  • Summer educational program
  • Internships at CERN Open lab for a limited-time CERN scholarship
  • Apprenticeship programs at CERN
  • CERN is seeking students with disabilities.

Please keep in mind that once you submit your application for a CERN studentship, their HR team will review it in June 2023 and notify you whether you are selected before October 2023, allowing you to begin your project-based studentship on time.

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