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Top 10 Websites for NTS Exam Preparation

by Abeera Arshad
Top 10 Websites for NTS Exam Preparation

Top 10 Websites for NTS Exam Preparation, Everyone wants to get admission or jobs in government sectors. But the government institutes selected the students and employers on the basis of merit and due to very low opportunities for government jobs, the competition is very high. Therefore, most of the people are worried about NTS Exam Preparation in academic and professional life because passing the test isn’t an easy task.

NTS Exam Preparation requires much concentration, struggle, and hard work. If someone wants to get a good job, he/she must have good NTS Exam Preparation. If you put in the necessary effort and follow the recommended exam preparation methods for such competitive tests, you can definitely find employment.

Do you want to learn how you can organize yourself for NTS Exam Preparation?

If yes!

Then, do read this page and follow the guidelines given below else you can also follow the guidelines established by the exam services. This article will surely prove beneficial for you because it will recommend you reputable websites for studying for exams but first we must have some knowledge about NTS Exams.

What does NTS Exam mean?

NTS refers to the National Testing Service which is a reputable organization for several types of tests. These tests are conducted for checking the eligibility and assessment of students. There are three main types of tests that NTS conducts every year:

  • NTS (NAT Test)
  • NTS (GAT General Test)
  • NTS (GAT Subject Test)

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Top Websites for PPSC, FPSC, PMS, CSS, and NTS Exam Preparation:

There are several online preparation methods available for any test preparation including CSS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, PMS, NTS, and OTS but the most suitable and top-ranking websites are given below:

1. NTS Website

National Testing Service is one of the best and the highly recommended website for NTS Exam Preparation. It is Pakistan’s main and foremost testing agency.

NTS was founded with the overarching purpose of raising, promoting, and improving Pakistan’s standards for academic and professional testing.

2. Lead MCQs

Lead MCQs is one of the best resources for online NTS Exam Preparation. On this website, there are questions based on past exams and this website is excellent in terms of content categorization.

When you read a question, it will present you with four options, none of which are the initial correct answer. Under each of the four options is a potential response (View or stow away).

3. Go Test

Go test.pk nts is Pakistan’s best website for Online Tests for All classes including 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, NTS, PPSC, Forces, Pak Army, Navy, PAF, Police, etc. This website is very helpful for those who want to prepare for any kind of test.

The questions on this website are usually multiple choice questions that prove to be easy-solving questions rather than lengthy ones.

4. Pak MCQs

Pak MCQs is another well-maintained website for the beginners who want to prepare for any test. This website offers (MCQs) questions related to every subject and with the help of this website, you can learn more and acquire more knowledge as you find appropriate.

5. MCQs Prep

MCQs Prep provides it readers with unique and innovative material. This website doesn’t rely on any other platform or website for reliable and high-quality content. The students who want to learn and prepare for exams, they can open this website because it contains updated Test Preparation for All Examinations and every material that is required for CSS, PPSC, FPSC, and NTS is provided here.

6. Help Now

Help Now is also one of the exam preparing website which offers diverse amount of courses like IELTS, IT, PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, and FPSC etc. This website also offers articles on local informative topics.

7. Jobs Papers

This website offers past papers and PPSC & FPSC Jobs alerts. Additionally, we offer comprehensive PMA long course and ISSB test preparation notes. It also offers previous year’s papers that have already been solved, general knowledge questions, and other supporting materials for the PPSC Test and FPSC.

8. MCQs Forum

This forum prepares the candidates for various types of MCQs exams in Pakistan like General knowledge (GK), daily updates on current events, and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Pakistani affairs, current affairs, basic math, Islamic studies, common science, data entry and data processing, as well as verbal MCQs on vocabulary, grammar use, and sentence structure. is MCQs Forum also providing the ability to design mock exams based on the requirements of candidates’ upcoming assessments and it enables you to create mock tests, publish multiple-choice questions and answers, and challenge peers.

9. CSS Forum

The website serves as a free resource to help and direct those interested in CSS, PPSC, PMS, NTS, NAB and several other examinations.

To begin browsing the topics on this website, choose the forum from the list below that you wish to visit. In the General forum, you can talk about your optional subjects and other topics as well.

10. Dogar

Dogar is one of the best and top-ranking website for all kind of exam preparation. It is one of the oldest publishing website in Pakistan. Dogar Brothers, one of Pakistan’s most recognized distributing companies, launched this website in 1949. This platform is appropriate for students who have a limited amount of study time and want to prepare for exams more independently.

This website offers preparation guides for competitive exams like CSS, NET, ECAT, PPSC, NTS Exam Preparation to help students in getting the best possible preparation.


All the above mentioned websites are the best ones for NTS Exam Preparation and other competitive exams as well. You just have to concentrate on your strengths and weaknesses to easily pass these competitive exams.  

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