Best Timetable to Pass CSS Exam

Do you want to make the best timetable to pass CSS exam? If you don’t know how to create a schedule, you should read this article. In terms of scheduling, applicants who want to pass CSS and pass the comprehensive exam face significant challenges. Everyone has a different approach to allocating CSS teaching time. However, some students get bewildered while employing the aggressive strategy. Candidates should devise a timetable that permits them to cover their subjects as thoroughly as possible.

Time management is essential. When you prepare your day in this way, you will feel no stress on your shoulders. Many individuals study for more than 15 hours daily yet fail. Inadequate time management may lead to failure. Remember! You should not devote your whole day to looking for the CSS exam; if you work smartly, you may complete it without difficulty. This essay will explain how to create the best timetable to pass your CSS exam.

CSS Exam

The CSS Exam is a summation of the Central Superior Service Exam. The CSS Exam is held via the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad because the excerpt about candidates according to Federal Government applications (BS-17). permanency.

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Importance Of Your Best Timetable To Pass Css Exam

A thorough and practical study strategy is essential for achieving a satisfactory result in the CSS Exam. The written exam is the initial phase. Thus, it is the starting point for efficiently preparing for this section to go further.

The successful applicants have established a minimum standard of 60% on the written test—sixty percent (720 out of 1200) in the written portion of the CSS Exam. Every prospective candidate should set the standard in the written test.

5–6 months is adequate time to prepare for the CSS Exam. Even though a few individuals have passed the CSS Exam after just three months of study. There is no alternative to sheer hard labor, but well-directed hard work is essential.

How to Make the best timetable to pass CSS exam?

The moment has arrived for you to create the schedule to pass your CSS exam and to modify your everyday activities appropriately so that you do not suffer any difficulties. We have created a sample timeline to assist you in meeting your deadlines effectively.

5:00 to 5:30 (A.M)SalahEarly in the morning, pray. Salah is the embodiment of timeliness. As a result, begin your day by remembering Allah.
5:30 to 6:00 (A.M)ExerciseExercise within the time limit. It is a healthy time of day that will keep you both physically and spiritually well.
6:00 to 8:00 (A.M)Breakfast and opinion formationIn the first 10 minutes, have your breakfast and begin reading magazines or newspaper editorial pages. Keep this period for opinion formation since it is the most active portion of the day.
8:00 to 10:00    (A.M)Writing and understandingDuring this time, practice writing essays and precis. As the test approaches, you should increase the time allotted for papers.
10:00 to 10:30 (A.M)Take a break.Take a break and do something that will soothe your thoughts.
10:30 to 1:30 (P.M)Subject 1Study as much as possible during this time, and take notes as you go. It would be best if you had a notepad and a pen to jot down important notes.
1:30 to 2:00 (P.M)Salah and a lunch breakTake your lunch and offer a Zohar prayer.
2:00 to 4:30 (P.M)Subject 2 The day has come when everything else is running according to plan. Crack it like you did the advanced one, or take notes alongside the study.
 4:30 to 6:00 (P.M) Sports  Engage in some of your preferred sporting activities. Sports participation is crucial because it prevents mental health issues like despair and anxiety.
6:00 to 7:00 (P.M)bathing and prayingAfter engaging in physical activity, take a bath to reenergize and say the Maghrib prayer.
7:00 to 9:00 (P.M)Subject 3Now focus on the third topic. Along with the research, you should take notes.   
9:00 to 10.00 (P.M)Salah/dinnerChoice after the prayer, have supper.
10.30 (P.M) BedtimeUntil the morning, have a good night’s rest. A minimum of six hours should be spent sleeping every day.

Best Timetable Duration To Pass The Css Exam

Last but not least is the duration. CSS is usually prepared seven months before the test. You should devote the first four months to the first phase. This covers all of the FPSC curriculum topics. Remember! Every Sunday, you must complete mock examinations or assessment tests to determine your degree of development.

After that, you should devote two months to the second phase. Select a revision that you have previously studied and do as much analysis as feasible. You’d have spent six months preparing by now.

The third stage is the last one. Allow one month for the previous phase and review every subject and topic you studied for the CSS test.

Meanwhile, since CSS is all about written communication, you should devote more work to composition and comprehension abilities during this period. Remember to be examined every Monday.

Focus on The English Language

One of the primary causes of failure is a disregard for the English language. It would be beneficial if you never compromised the English language. We propose that you prioritize this language above all others.   

CSS requires solid textual communication. You may enhance your writing by reading a lot and then practicing. Consider the writer’s point of view, as expressed in his writing, and evaluate what he has stated. This will assist you in becoming a fantastic writer.

Aside from that, acquire new vocabulary, phrases, and idioms. These are the essential elements that contribute to the beauty of a language. Understanding them isn’t enough; using them practically in your writing is much more critical.

Be Creative

Creativity is essential to living. The competitive test is no longer theory-based; instead, it is concept-based. The examiner will look at your knowledge that differs from what the rest of the world knows. As a result, be inventive if you want to pass the CSS test on the first try.  

When you become creative, you will no longer duplicate the design and format of others. In other words, you will design your layout, especially in writing and understanding. Your thoughts would be distinct from those of others, and the examiner would recognize that the aspirant has the potential to design his framework. When you become creative in writing, you will like reading and writing as a hobby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours should we devote to CSS prep?

This requires 4-5 hours of daily study. Delegate one week to each optional course to cover them thoroughly before focusing on the subjects needed. If we devote one week to each topic, it will take three months to complete the cycle.

Is it possible to prepare for CSS in four months?

Four months is more than enough time to plan. Examine the curriculum and previous papers. However, get your essays and precis reviewed by a knowledgeable individual (someone familiar with CSS methods) so that you can determine how much you need to improve. Don’t take the risk of squandering your opportunity.

Is it possible to do CSS after FA?

Is it possible to do CSS after FA? You cannot present with this level of knowledge, but you may prepare ahead of time! Students with art backgrounds often believe that they will not understand the concepts of CSS or will not be able to crack it as quickly as others. These are all common misunderstandings that people have.

In CSS, which group has the most merit?

They include. Groupings, the Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS), the Pakistan Police Service (PSP), and the Pakistan Foreign Service (FSP) have the most exceptional qualities.

What jobs may I obtain after CSS?

Successful applicants may apply for different CSS Jobs 2022 in civil departments such as Pakistan trade association, inland revenue, railways, police and customs service, knowledge base service, Pakistan audit and account service, and foreign service departments.


In summary, if you make the best timetable to pass CSS exam and follow it daily, you can pass the CSS exam easily in the first year. It is not mandatory to follow the timetable we gave you in this article. You can make the best timetable to pass the CSS exam according to your daily life. So that you don’t face any problems and you can easily follow this timetable.

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