Writer vs Author | What’s the Difference?

The terms “writers” and “authors” are frequently used interchangeably and are generally understood to signify the same thing. When comparing “author versus author,” there are some small distinctions despite their many similarities.

In general, the distinction between a writer and an author is that the latter publishes and writes his work on a professional level. However, a writer is someone who writes whether or not they publish. As a result, although all writers are writers, not all authors are writers.

Author versus writer

Who is an author?

A professional writer is someone whose work has been published, and thus are considered author. A person is also referred to as an author if he or she came up with the concepts, organizational scheme, and material for the work. In addition to all of this, the published work’s copyright belongs to the author.

Who is a writer?

Whether or not their work is published, a writer is someone who spends time writing. Anything that involves writing in some way qualifies, including blog entries, journals, articles, short stories, etc. The concept, format, and content of an author’s work do not need to be original, though. The written word’s copyright may or may not belong to the author. Despite what was said above, all writers are writers; Not all writers are writers; Under each, there are various categories.

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Categories of writers versus authors

  • Novelist
  • Autobiographer
  • Biography
  • Poets
  • Playwrights


Novelists are authors that produce works in both fiction and non-fiction on a wide range of subjects. Stories may be brief, lengthy, or even part of a series.


An autobiographer is a person who creates autobiographies, which are narratives and novels about the author’s life. His books have been published under the heading “autobiographies.”


A biographer’s job is to write about the lives of others, whether they are alive or deceased. They work with famous people or other interesting people to write about their lives, and then they perform extensive research on the lives of the deceased, meeting with their friends and family to collaborate on their accounts.


Poets are those who create and write poetry. They utilize language to its fullest potential while evoking strong emotions in the audience and readers.


The majority of the time, plays and other presentations are performed. Such writings are done by playwrights. They focus on a certain topic, making them comparable to novelists in that regard. The stories are divided into lines, scenes, acts, and dialogues, though.

Categories of writers versus authors


A blogger is a writer who contributes to websites or online periodicals. Depending on the author’s objective, his writing may take the form of short stories, blog postings on personal events, or anything else.


For marketing and advertising companies and agencies, copywriters write and produce organized, captivating pieces of writing. They use their writing to raise awareness of products and companies, which motivates the audience and readers to take a certain action. His paintings are available online in brochures, magazines, and websites.

Content writer

Other than novelists, most writers are typically referred to as “content writers.” The person who writes and produces material for websites, blogs, advertising and marketing firms, social media, and many other platforms is known as a content writer. They provide material that appeals to readers and consumers, which promotes the brands they partner with or own while communicating their principles.


A ghostwriter creates written pieces that are credited to someone else other than themselves. Even when they get paid for their efforts, someone else claims the “glory.” For instance, academic authors produce articles for specialized businesses that market original papers online.


Journalists conduct research and write about current topics, trends, and events in their local communities and around the globe in a more comprehensive and innovative format. They occasionally decide to focus their writing in particular niches.


Everybody who writes is a writer. An author, however, is a writer who has published works and is given credit for them. A writer’s work may or may not be published, and he or she may or may not be given credit for it. Because of this, anyone may write, yet not everyone is an author.

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