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What is the Difference Between Blogger and WordPress?

by Abeera Arshad
What is the Difference Between Blogger and WordPress?

Today we will tell you what is the difference between Blogger and WordPress? We are going to give you its complete information inside this article, so read the article completely so that you can understand it properly, then let’s start.

What is the Difference Between Blogger and WordPress?

If you also want to earn online and you are thinking about blogging, then at some point in your mind you must have thought that you should start your blogging career with Blogger or WordPress, both of them are the biggest names of blogging around the world. Blogger has its own advantages and WordPress has its own advantages, it is up to you to start your career with Blogger or WordPress.

Blogger and WordPress | Which is the best to make a blog?

If you are confused that WordPress is better or Blogger is better and to know this you have searched on Google and have come by clicking on our website, then know that you have come to the right place and today we are going to share this post with you.

We are going to remove all the problems and tell that you should start your career with WordPress or Blogger, if you want to get all these information, then definitely read the article till the end, then let’s start.

WordPress Vs Blogger In Blogging | Which Blogging Platform to choose?

Before 2010, most of the people around the world used to create their blog from blogger.com website and share their thoughts.

On the other hand, when WordPress came, due to its features being more advanced, many blogger members shifted to WordPress. Because there were many new features in WordPress, but despite this, many writers used to post blogs in Blogger because there were many such features in Blogger which are not even in WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress | Which platform is better?

When you create a new blogging ID of yours, you need 2 things the most for it, the first is the DNS, which is the full name (Domain Name Server) and the second is Web Hosting, in which the domain name can be created very easily and cheaply. But web hosting is a bit expensive, so new bloggers initially prefer blogging for less money, for which they choose either blogger or WordPress, but both of them also have different features, let’s look at them a little more.


Blogger has been a pure blogging platform since the beginning, on which a large number of people post their blogs and people who do not have money can create their own blog account even without spending money and can share the ideas generated in their mind.

You can post through articles, along with this, you can earn money by monetizing your blog, but it also has some drawbacks, you cannot create an online store and e-commerce website through free blogger.

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Blogger gives you many facilities, which includes free domain, but if you want, you can also buy custom domain and this facility is given absolutely free from blogger, but if you want to buy a domain, then you can do it at your own level.

Have to buy because the domain is not available for free and let us tell you that Blogger is the only platform which is the easiest to use, in Blogger you get to see a clean interface, in this you can also post very easily. It has a simple dashboard with the help of which you can control your blog.

WordPress.com _

More features have been provided in WordPress than Blogger, in this, you can create anything from blog to professional website and from e-commerce to web store, but if we talk about WordPress, then WordPress has its own hosting which is absolutely It is just like blogger and it also gives you hosting and domain name facility for free like blogger.

Like Blogger, you can create a free blogging account and domain name in WordPress too, but there are some flaws in its free plan, if you have created your blogging account in the free plan, then you can not use custom domain later and Its second drawback is that WordPress branding and ads will be shown in your blog even if you don’t want to, due to which the traffic reduces to some extent, it has more disadvantages like you people cannot use plugins but if you are in WordPress If you use paid plans then you can get rid of these problems.

If you use the paid plans of WordPress, then you will be given a full feature dashboard, with the help of which you can control your blog and website and you can add any element in new posts and pages such as tables, galleries, videos. Author bio, contact form etc.

Hope after reading this post of ours, you have got some basic information about WordPress and Blogger, which will now help you to start your career on either Blogger or WordPress and we hope that you will get the desired result.

Start working even if you are successful and if you want information related to blogging, then you can also check the rest of our posts and keep following us for more information.


At the end of this post, I can say that if you read this post honestly then you are now clear about What is the difference between Blogger and WordPress?

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