How to Stop Incoming Calls without an Airplane Mode?

How to stop incoming calls without an airplane mode? Despite the efforts telecom carriers make to control them, spam calls continue to annoy customers. However, there are times when you don’t want to be disturbed by regular incoming voice calls while using an OTT platform to play games or watch movies.

The user may then choose Airplane Mode. Notably, adopting Airplane mode allows you to prevent all incoming calls. However, if you wish to use mobile data while in airplane mode, you must follow these procedures. These recommendations and excursions make it possible to use mobile data while avoiding voice conversations.

The Advice given Concerns using Mobile data while in Airplane mode

First of all, You must need to open the settings of calls on your Smartphone. Then, switch to airplane mode and enable mobile data. Customers must then use their smart phones to contact *#*#4636#*#* as the next step. You can use this to access the entire menu and learn more about mobile data. You must select Mobile Radio Tower after clicking on that link (this will allow you to use mobile data on the Smartphone).

Call Blocking Methods Other Than Airplane Mode

How to stop incoming calls without an airplane mode Go to the settings on the Smartphone and choose the call forwarding option. There are now three options available to you: Always forward, forward while busy, and forward when no response is received. It is necessary to select the first option, such as “Always forward,” before you can enter a cell phone number that is inactive or invalid.

Press the Enable Button

You must now press the enable button. How to stop incoming calls without an airplane mode Incoming calls blocking is now active while mobile data is still available.

Making calls is not feasible using either of these two techniques, but using mobile data is. Additionally, the screen will be covered by nothing but the Airplane Mode icon. You can disable airplane mode once you’ve finished your task and begin taking calls.

Additionally, we have other strategies for avoiding incoming calls without using a airplane mode

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Call Forwarding to a Different Number

 First, on your Smartphone, select the “Call Settings” option. You then select the “Call Forwarding” option. Three additional options will appear after you click on it. Then, press the Enable button. All incoming calls to your number will end as a result. In addition to this, you will also be able to use mobile data hassle-free.  This method is helpful for guide us How to stop incoming calls without an airplane mode

 Please Ignore (DND Mode)

How to stop incoming calls without an airplane mode? In this method, we click on Sound under settings on your Smartphone. After that, choose “Do Not Disturb” and then “Call.” When the popup menu appears after tapping on Calls, choose “Do not allow any calls.” The “Allow Repeat Callers” toggle should now be disabled.

Message Barring

This method will help us that How to stop incoming calls without an airplane mode? Incoming calls can also be blocked using the “call barring” method. For this, you navigate to the phone’s call settings.

Select the Advanced Settings option if you can locate it in the Call Settings menu. After clicking on it, the “Call Barring” option will appear. After choosing the “All Incoming Calls” option, enter the call-barring password. This password is typically 0000 or 1234. Once more, tap Turn On.

Automatic Selection

Along with your current SIM operator, you can choose another one here. If you select this option, nobody will be able to tell if your phone is off or away from the network area.

Open the phone’s settings, choose Connection, and then choose Mobile Network to accomplish this. When you get there, go to the network operator and choose automatically from the menu. This is the method that tells us How to stop incoming calls without an airplane mode.

Calls from Specific Contacts are Prohibited

If you don’t want to receive calls from someone, you can block their phone number. You can continue to accept incoming calls from frequent callers in this way. To block contacts on an Android phone, follow these steps:

Open the app on your phone.

Choose the contact from your contact list that you want to block.

Select Block contact when you are on the Contact info screen by clicking more options (represented by three dots) in the top right corner.

You might have to vouch for this. Select the Block option once more to continue.

In a similar way, you can block calls from unknown numbers that aren’t saved in your contact list. To view its information page, simply select that number from your most recent calls (tap the icon). There, you have the option to block the number. Additionally, you can manage your blocked numbers by using the Call settings in the Phone app.

Block contacts or unknown callers on a phone

If you have a phone, open Settings and go to the Phone application. From this menu, select Blocked Contacts. Tap the “Add New” option once it has been opened. Any contact on your contact list can now be selected to block incoming calls.

Unknown callers can be stopped on a phone by blocking them in the Phone app. To block this caller, just select it by tapping the button next to the number.

Turn on the do not Disturb Setting

There is a “do not disturb” option on both Android and ions that turns off your phone’s sound so that you don’t get any calls, notifications, or other interruptions. Even when your phone is not in airplane mode, you can use this feature to mute incoming calls.


 It is concluded that from the above discussion is that with the use of these techniques, incoming calls on a phone that is not in airplane mode can be stopped. All above mentioned techniques will be prove helpful for us.

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