How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad After 12th in Canada?

How to get a scholarship to study abroad after 12th in Canada? Canada is a famous study choice for international students, with excellent educational institutions, vibrant student towns, and a well-organized way of life. Tuition costs in Canada for overseas students in 2023 highlight the country’s diverse opportunities: there are both expensive and inexpensive universities in Canada. Most of the students didn’t pay for their university fee and that’s way they are looking for a scholarship programs that help them to pursue their studies.

Tuition cost at Canadian institutions are somewhat costly that’s way the question arise among the students that how to get a scholarship to study abroad after 12th in Canada? In Canada, the average annual tuition for overseas undergraduate students is $36,100 (Statistics Canada, 2022). International graduate students pay $21,100 per year (Statistics Canada, 2022). You can get scholarship in Canada after 12th by having an excellent scores. If a student’s academic achievement is exceptional, several Canadian universities will immediately grant them a scholarship.

The best procedure to get a scholarship in Canada after 12th:

How to get a scholarship to study abroad after 12th in Canada? Universities in Canada keep searching for the top students. Students with outstanding and good academic records are always preferred by top Canadian universities.

  • As a result, an international student’s first and foremost aim should be to excel in academic ability and entrance exams. You will need minimum 70% score if you are applying for a bachelor degree program.
  • A strong application will boost your chances of receiving a scholarship that will cover the entirety of your studies. You should also ensure that yours GPA and exam scores accurately reflect your abilities in the many areas you have studied, and that your GPA can demonstrate your capacity to meet academic demands.
  • So, if you want to be the best applicant, make sure you are well prepared for the language test and other examinations. This will be one of the most significant and initial steps towards studying for free at a Canadian university.
  • Also, keep in mind that you will need an excellent cover letter to persuade the university that you are not only academically accomplished but also in need of the scholarship. It must demonstrate that you can maintain an excellent academic reputation while also meeting the University’s academic requirements.
  • Make an excellent appreciation that ensures your brilliant skills in academic domain. By starting the application process as soon as possible, you will have more time to work on your standard operating procedure (SOP) and other essential documents, as well as search for and find the proper scholarship. You will have a higher chance of finding scholarships or other fellowships because you applied to and were admitted to a selected institution before any other student.

The universities in Canada that offer scholarships to students for higher studies:

How to get a scholarship to study abroad after 12th in Canada? The key to studying for free in Canada is to apply for the appropriate scholarship. If a student’s academic achievement is exceptional, several Canadian universities will immediately grant them a scholarship. There are some universities in which you get scholarship after 12th in Canada.

Carleton University scholarships:

The University offer scholarship on the basis of good marks and Entrance result. Above then 80% scores are required for scholarship reward. The One Riordon Scholarship and the One Collins Prestige Scholarship are two popular ones that cover the entire tuition expense of the student.

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Scholarships at York University:

You can also apply in this university for scholarship. The International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction is the most popular scholarship program for international students at York University. The scholarship provides a $35,000 stipend in the first year and is renewable for four years based on the student’s performance and academic achievements.

The University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto is another university that provides scholarships to international students. The National Scholarship Program, President’s Scholars of Excellence program (PSEP), Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships for outstanding international students, and the University of Toronto Scholars program are some of the most prominent scholarships offered by this university.

The institution provides scholarships for graduate degrees that meet certain conditions. The essential requirements are an A- or equivalent grade, transcripts from previous college schools, and references.

Brock University Scholarships:

Brock institution gives famous Brock University Scholarships to overseas students, and it is a public research institution that grants scholarships for all degrees. The basic eligibility criteria for this award are a high academic record and significant extracurricular activity.

Scholarships at the University of British Columbia:

The University of British Columbia is another well-known Canadian university that provides merit-based scholarships to international students.

Two prominent scholarships that enable overseas students acquire financial support based on their financial needs and these are the Karen McKellin overseas Leader of Tomorrow Award and the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award.

University of Waterloo Scholarships:

The famous University of Waterloo Scholarships are available to overseas students at the University of Waterloo. This fellowship is given to outstanding overseas students who have been admitted to Year One of an undergraduate degree program.

A score of 90% or higher will be required to be eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is also available for U.G., P.G., and Ph.D. Degree, and it is totally merit-based, with a grant value of $10,000 each for two students.

Scholarships to study abroad for African students

List of Africans Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students

  • UWE Chancellor’s Scholarships for International Students. …
  • DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses. …
  • Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships. …
  • IOE Centenary Masters Scholarships.

Free scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate

Scholarship NameCountryApply By
Six Schemes Of Commonwealth Scholarship 2023UK18 Oct 2023
National University Of Sciences And TechnologyPoland15 May 2023
Rhodes Scholarships For Pakistani StudentsUK29 Nov 2023
Provost’s Excellence International Awards in MalaysiaMalaysia15 Aug 2023

Guide for 12th standard students aiming to study abroad in Canada

How to get a scholarship to study abroad after 12th in Canada? Acquiring entrance into a worldwide college isn’t just viewed as an extreme errand yet in addition to be costly. The following are a couple of rules that could end up being useful to direct you in your excursion to begin your schooling openness after your twelfth.

Country Determination

Understudies who need to seek after quality training inside reasonable spending plan ought to choose the nation cautiously. Determination of college starts things out, prior to going to choose the individual foundations for studies.

Determination of appropriate nation helps the understudies in overseeing finance. Nations which are more affordable and have magnificent high level training framework are best for Pakistani understudies. Here is rundown of nations where Pakistani understudies can go for concentrates after twelfth

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • USA
  • Italy
  • China
  • Norway
  • UK

Stage 1: Recognize your flood of interest

At the point when you begin investigating the concentrate abroad choice a great deal of vocation choices spring up before you. However, we should understand that few out of every odd course could match your inclinations and capacities.

Here you should be exceptionally wary while pursuing the decision. Have a go at taking profession directing, as the advocate could assist you with the right direction in your underlying yet urgent step. They could assist with planning your abilities, capacities, and interests to the best course ideas, which would guarantee your abroad excursion to find success.

Stage 2: Nation Determination

Since you have effectively distinguished the most ideal course for you, now is the right time to choose a reasonable country from a ton of accessible nation choices.

The elements that you want to represent as a piece of this step incorporate the language of correspondence, educational expenses, everyday costs, wellbeing, environment, natural circumstances, etc, in view of the relative multitude of variables you really want to choose your inclinations.

Stage 3: College Choice

Moving further since we have adjusted our course of interest and the nation, next is to look at the college choices. Various colleges have various courses offered and the expense prerequisites too vary. The variables to consider in this step are the tests acknowledged in the colleges, the complete expense of examining, etc.

Stage 4: Grades

Before we move to the utilization of enrolment, you want to endeavor a couple of tests to be equipped for the confirmation cycle. The prerequisites of these grades and tests to be taken changes from one college to another. These tests incorporate

Stage 5: Application for Enrolment

To get a seat in your yearning college, monitoring the application rules and deadlines is significant. There would be a prerequisite for different records to be joined with the structure submitted to anticipate a positive and quicker reaction.

The structure alongside the connections submitted should be appropriately organized or requested, and it is intriguing to employ a profession guide to guarantee the enrolment cycle is completed perfectly and promptly.

Stage 6: Application for Understudy Visa

As we know, without a visa you most likely will not have the option to design your trip out of India. According to the fly prerequisite or reason, the visa is given, and presently for this situation, since you are intending to concentrate on abroad you would need an understudy visa.

Taking care of the visa interaction separately could be intense however with the assistance and direction of an accomplished guide, you could remain guaranteed.

Since we have momentarily perceived the cycle in question and the interesting tests to be viewed as taken prior to applying for the college, moving additionally allowed us to understand the ways, how to get a grant after twelfth to concentrate abroad.


So, if you want to know How to get a scholarship to study abroad after 12th in Canada and are thinking to apply for any Canadian scholarship study program than you should prepare yourself according to the requirements of Canadian Universities that offers scholarships.


Research is the crucial part to take any step. Research online for the scholarships and scholarships universities in Canada. Studying in Canada after the 12th grade provides students with a worldwide platform. It offers advanced program as well as an open environment in which to learn and explore. After the 12th grade, studying in Canada opens doors to a variety of portfolios that can cover the way for a successful career into the future. Hope you will now understand How to get a scholarship to study abroad after 12th in Canada?

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