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One of Oklahoma’s most well-known cities, Tulsa, is home to many of the state’s top-ranked institutions, which play a significant role in determining the direction that this generation will take in the future.  Since students of all races and colors are given the opportunity to benefit from equal opportunities for development and education, Tulsa schools are among the finest in the nation for both academic success and equity. As a result, if you live in Tulsa City and are seeking the top schools there to help your children succeed in life, you are not alone. Your infant’s best schools in Tulsa can be found with the aid of

Top 7 Best Schools in Tulsa Okhalama

To assist you in selecting the best school for your child’s future and to provide you with a thorough analysis of the top schools in Tulsa, we’ve put together the list below.

  1. Jenks Public Schools

The Jenks Public Schools Pre K–12 public school system is located in Jenks, Oklahoma. More than 12,000 kids are educated in 10 different locations throughout the more than 40 square mile Jenks Public Schools district, which is south of Tulsa. It ranks as the eleventh-largest public school district in Oklahoma.

Courses were initially held in a two-room building that was intended to be a cheese factory when the district’s first school officially opened its doors in 1907 for the first time. The first graduating class included 4 students. 2016 saw the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award go to Jenks Public Schools.

A reputable public school district is Jenks Public Schools. The student-teacher ratio there is 17:1 and there are 11979 students in grades PK–12. According to the results of the state exams, 43% of kids are at least proficient in reading and 43% in maths.

Contact Details

Address: 205 East B StreetJenks, OK  74037

Phone No: +1918-299-4415

  • Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, students in grades 6 through 12 are educated at the public charter school known as the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences, or “TSAS,” which opened its doors in 2001.

There are approximately 525 kids enrolled, and since it is a public charter school, it only accepts pupils who reside in the Tulsa Public Schools attendance area. New students are selected by a public lottery that is conducted at random when there are more applications than there are seats available.

The curriculum for the TSAS is rigorous and differentiated. In high school, students are grouped into one of four “houses”. Concurrent enrollment, AP courses, internships, community service, and concurrent enrollment are all encouraged in all houses, and all houses have graduation requirements that are higher than those established by the state.

Contact Details

Address: 1202 W Easton St, Tulsa, OK 74127

Phone No: +19188287727

3.      Marquette Catholic School

The school expanded throughout time to accommodate the growing parish, and the addition of the twelfth grade occurred in 1932. May 1933 marked the first graduating class of Marquette High School, which included 22 graduates. Marquette High School had to close when Bishop Kelley High School opened its doors in 1960.

For more over a century, the following generation has been educated in Marquette’s catholic institutions. Preschool through eighth grade are available in Marquette. The Marquette Catholic School community, which places Jesus Christ at its center, supports each student’s overall development while simultaneously emancipating students intellectually and fostering Christian virtues.

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Address: 1519 S Quincy Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120

Phone No: +19185844631

4.      Owasso Public Schools

Owasso Public Schools is one of Oklahoma’s best and largest school districts. The 72 square miles that make up the OPS School System are located in the counties of Tulsa and Rogers.

The 9,800 enrolled students are now served by 15 educational facilities. Nine elementary schools, the Owasso High School, the Owasso Ram Academy, and the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Centers are among these facilities.

In order to provide a wonderful program that meets the educational needs of the children, the Owasso School District provides first-rate physical facilities and technology. Along with a capable teaching staff, every school also employs a media specialist and a trained counsellor. The public schools in Owasso are all among Tulsa’s top institutions.

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Address: 1501 N Ash St, Owasso, OK 74055

Phone No: +19182725367

5.      Claremore Public Schools

Claremore Public School is a public high school located in Claremore, Oklahoma. At Claremore High School, the method of class scheduling employed is called block scheduling.

Each student is only enrolled in four classes every semester (two blocks, two semesters) as opposed to six or seven. One block is equal to one-half credit while two blocks are equal to one full credit.

The high school also provides numerous AP courses in a variety of subjects, including biology, calculus, chemistry, English language and composition, English literature and composition, European history, French, German, music theory, psychology, Spanish language and literature, statistics, studio art, and US history.

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Address102 W 10th St, Claremore, OK 74017

Phone No: +19189234200

6.      Henry Zarrow International School

The immersion program at Zarrow International School opened its doors in August 2002 under the name Audubon Elementary School. A child-centered learning environment, Zarrow International is committed to the development of socially and internationally conscious lifelong learners.

They picture a school where everyone is passionate about learning and engages in positive relationships that promote a joyful community. They encourage the development of young people who are inquisitive, informed, and empathetic in order to advance international understanding and a better, more peaceful world.

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Address: 3613 S Hudson Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135

Phone No: +19187469180

7.      Dove Science Academy Tulsa High School

Dove Science Academy at Dove in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there is a well-known public charter school called Tulsa High School. It is renowned for placing a priority on STEM education, giving pupils a strong foundation in these fields. The school provides pupils with a college-preparatory curriculum that pushes them intellectually while also encouraging character growth and establishing a supportive school environment. Dove Science Academy works to educate its students for postsecondary education and future professions in STEM fields by combining challenging coursework, committed staff, and a positive learning environment.

Contact Details

Address: 4115 S 100th E Ave Suite 100, Tulsa

Phone No: +19185766719

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